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Dryer was Taking so Long to Dry Each Load

When my dryer stopped drying my laundry correctly, I thought I was going to have to replace it.  Cleaner Windows came out and cleaned my dryer vent and the back of my dryer.  That much lint in my dryer vent could have caused a fire and it definitely explained the higher power bills.  My dryer works like new!  I saved so much money.  Thanks so much!!. - Alisha A

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I Replaced the Dryer but the Problem Remained

Our dryer was taking as many as 3 cycles to dry my families clothes, I figured it was the dryer being old so bought a new one. I could not believe it when the technician for the new dryer came out and said "the dryer vent is really clogged" you seriously need to get it cleaned. Not knowing a service existed I found Dryer Vent Cleaner online and called them up. The service was great, the amount of lint removed from the dryer vent was unbelievable. I will be using this great service every year from now on. - Hazel M, Oakville

Services provided to Hazel include: